The Western America Railroad Museum was officially opened to the public on February 17th, 2001.

W.A.R.M. celebrated the Grand opening on March 24th, before a large crowd of visitors & guests, including Mr. William Strong, the great-grandson of the City of Barstow's namesake, William Barstow Strong.


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Well over 350 people were on hand to celebrate the opening of W.A.R.M.





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Mr. William Strong, great-grandson of William Barstow Strong, A.T.S.F. Vice-President in the late 1800's/early 1900's for whom the City of Barstow was named after.  


MayorLawrenceDale.JPG (43656 bytes)


Lawrence Dale, Mayor of Barstow
and vice president of WARM.




CoSupBillPostmus.JPG (49712 bytes)


San Bernardino County Board of
Supervisors member Bill Postmus




AssemblymanPhilWyman.JPG (40650 bytes)


State Assemblyman Phil Wyman





HarveyGirls1.JPG (85507 bytes)




Original Harvey Girls from Barstow's Casa Del Desierto restaurant, from left to right:   Helen Gilbert, Mary Gates and Pat Keeling.






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Volunteers and gift shop organizers Rita Dale, Donna Clayton and Sherry Vinson give us a view of the new museum's interior.







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