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Part of W.A.R.M.'s large stock include a vintage Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe horse car, used to ship race horses, and their trainers, in style and comfort.   This particular horse car bought by the Santa Fe in 1938 as part of a 10 car order. This was the last order of heavy weight passenger cars bought by the SF since all new orders were for more streamlined light weight equipment for the modern passenger fleet the railroad was building.  Although these cars were used to haul race horses   between race tracks across the country, during the off season they would be used as a baggage car or to haul scenery for the Ice Capades since  the end doors provided easy access. Of the 10 cars of this class of cars, most are still in captivity or service of some sort.  More about the horse car, from the ATSF railfan site.